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New single "I'm sorry, the fire doesn't fall anymore" out now. 

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February 13th, 2024


Hey, I’m writing this from a very special cottage in the Adelaide Hills. I just finished another song. It’s currently 38ºC and before I go to the beach I thought I’d write a little note. I have a large pile of dark green paperback Moleskine journals. I fill them with lyrics, plans, prayers, poems, reflections, lamentations, and occasionally really terrible drawings. Today I finished filling one. The timing was coincidental, but these last two weeks have marked a big change. You could say that one chapter in my life has ended and a new one has begun, but it’s more like a book in my life has ended and that this next chapter is the first in a new book. Hopefully this one is full of love and kindness and restoration and dreams coming true. I’m a little harsh on myself but I think it’s taken a lot longer for me than many of you to learn how I might navigate this life, and I look up to so many of you that have done it earlier, cleaner and with more poise than I have. And I think what I mean is learning how to be a good son, brother, friend, partner, neighbour, and balance my own hopes and dreams with all of that. To be selfless. To love. To be a servant. To walk with Jesus. To trust. This is quite distant from that idea of self-love that seems to permeate the culture. I love myself and it certainly doesn’t help my endeavour to love others. I think that’s a bit of a hopeless philosophy, but that’s another conversation. All of these ramblings to say that more has happened, and more has ended, and more is beginning than at any point in my life, and I wanted to share that with you because it means that I’m giving everything to Bjéar. And that means new music and that means coming to your town and playing songs and meeting you and hearing your complaints and hopes and passions. Much love.


June 22nd, 2023


Winter Solstice down here on this side of our planet. A hard day. Harder weather. This year has been a battle. Though by now the light is already beginning to win again, it’s time for me to return at last to one of my inevitable periods of hibernation. Tomorrow I’m moving, turning the phone off for a season, reflecting, cooking, maybe a pilgrimage. I don’t know what this means for Bjéar. I could emerge with an album, or it might be time in my life for something new. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email – about anything at all – I’m an extrovert.


I thank God for all of you. x

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