Stories are often made up of seemingly disconnected chapters. Settings change. Characters evolve. Influences mature. Life becomes more complicated. Or simpler. Sometimes direction is hidden. And often the story doesn’t really make sense until it does. Bjéar is a story of separate chapters that are beginning to make sense as a whole. The first iteration was youthful and buoyant. An introduction and debut album release with a hungry local following filled with big, full live performances complete with strings and horns and energy and excitement. The second iteration was darker and greasier. Bright arrangements were replaced with heavy synth-electronic music. The songs changed, performances were sparse, an EP was released, but little else was heard from Bjéar through a season marked by isolation and experimentation. A new chapter is being written however. Bjéar’s sophomore album "Now, There Are Some Things That Will Change" is complete and ready for release to a new world finding its feet amidst change and disconnection. The setting seems appropriate. Old ideas have been refined, and a sabbatical abroad has brought fresh enthusiasm. The songs tell their own stories and mirror the journey of Bjéar throughout the last half decade. We invite you to join with us for the adventure of this next chapter as the story of Bjéar takes a little more shape.